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Rhodes School Meals

We are delighted to be able to offer, in partnership with esteemed celebrity chef Gary Rhodes, a range of school meal programmes. We not only offer a traditional full hot programme but also healthy and scrumptious lunch box. 


Hot Programme


The hot programme has been designed with two very clear goals in mind, the first of which is to provide the children with a high quality meal that is not only delicious but nutritious as well. Secondly, we aim to try and revive a family style of dining in which the children dine with their teachers, using proper metal cutlery. The formality of lunch has been lost in many schools and hence the education children receive outside of the classroom as been lessened. We believe that by dining in this fashion it not only makes the experience more enjoyable but more beneficial in the childrens development into well-rounded young people. 

The meals themselves include a mid-morning snack and a full three-course lunch. This consists of a hot soup with bread for dipping, a main course rich in protein and carbohydrates, served with plenty of vegetables. This combination not only allows us to offer meals that are rich in flavour but rich in slow release energy that will not only fill their stomachs but make afternoon lessons far more likely to be more productive. Finally, we offer a delightful dessert, made with all natural ingredients that is sure to end the meal on a delicious note! Alongside the meal itself, we offer an organic salad bar to compliment the main course. 

Please be sure to check this page again seen to see the menus for the mouth watering new term!


Lunch Boxes


The Rhodes programme was designed to guarantee children not only get food that taste great but it also great quality and that extends to our lunch box. Our lunch boxes are unique in the fact that they are 100% additive, colouring and preservative free, meaning that the children will be getting a high quality lunch no matter what. 

The meal itself contains a healthy mid-morning snack, followed by a cold lunch served in our specially designed lunch box, containing a organic salad for fruit based starter. The main course, much like our hot programme, contains a balance of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. Followed by one of our ever-popular desserts! 

The Rhodes Programme strives to offer children a high quality meal no matter which option is chosen. We aim to do that not only by having a wide range of flavours and culinary experiences, but by having a extensive menu. Our four week menu cycle not only ensures that no menu item will be repeated but also that the children are able to try new things as well as enjoy their own personal favourites!


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